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Add Interest to Your Advertising with Dimensional Signs

While plain and simple signage can be a very effective advertising tool, the addition of raised letters, borders or panels is an economical way to add visual impact to your sign. These dimensional pieces are fastened to the sign face using adhesives and mechanical fasteners for extra durability and long-lasting service.

Add Gold Leaf, Sandblasting or Carved Elements to Your Sign

Want to take it a step further? Consider a carved or sandblasted sign, or add a touch of 23 kt gold leaf for a truly distinctive look.

Carved signs are manufactured from a variety of substrates. Letters and keylines are engraved into the face of the sign on our CNC router table using a "V" shaped router bit.

Sandblasted signs are made from Western Red Cedar wood. A heavy vinyl mask is cut using a computer-aided plotter and then applied to the face of the sign. Then, the exposed area is blasted away using silica sand under high air pressure.

The results of any of these methods will be an attractive and durable sign that you will be proud to display!

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